Friday, July 10, 2009

Wie geht es Ihnen?

Guten Morgen,

I hope everyone enjoyed watching the first video installment and don'y worry I'll be careful, as you can tell from watching the video I'm not so keen on city streets, it will get better, promise. The next series will pick up right where I left off. I'm also going to start including pictures of the food we've eaten, because I get to practice my cooking.

Here are some of the pictures:


This is the 2 installment of yesterdays video, there will be a part 4 and 5 coming soon, stay tuned.

Nothing much has changed from yesterday, I did get coffee this morning at a local gramp and grandma place with H, a husband of one of Renee's work friends. It was...nice, a bit chilly and the locals tried talking to me, which I now have a phrase which is, "Nein, Ich verstehe kein Duetsch." (No, I understand no German.) Language class is going well and words I have learned in class will stand out when I'm listening to a German converstaion or when they ask me a question. Little by litttle.

We are going to test drive a car this afternoon. Check it out, except the car we will be testing is grey. We'll see...

Well it's been swell, but I got to get some food. Until then...

Wie bitte?


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