Monday, January 11, 2010

Part 5 and other Anomalies

Hello everybody,

Hope all are having a good start to the year. We’ve been up to nothing, well that’s not completely true, we did go to the movies Saturday evening. We tagged along with a friend of mine, his wife, son and his son’s friends. L thought it would be a good time to find out where the move theater was located.

If any of you have been to the Twin Cinema in St. Johns, then you have a good picture of what our German theater looks like. Beer, popcorn and Avatar. I recommend Avatar. George Lucas should have waited ten more years before he began to tinker with Episode I, perhaps he could have gotten a couple of ideas from James Cameron…anyway moving on, touchy subject for me.

As promised, I would finish our 5 part Street of Kings vacation, but when I began reflecting on what to share or write…I said, “self this is boring, you must return to the olden ways.” With that, I’ve decided to share the pictures of the Rococo church and then some other stuff. Like…beer and food!!! and some other ideas.

Part 5: The Rococo Church landm5

We had to drive an icy road through a forest that eventually opened up to an expansive field covered by jack frost to get to this church, but then…there it was. The clouds parted and rays of pure hope shining over the church as though hugging it, protecting it from the soft blanket of snow that had been gently laid upon it the following evening, revealed it in all it’s glory. And we pressed on and the rays directed us to this unearthly fortress as though softly singing… come to me, come to me. One could hear the faint trumpets in the distance, echoing the church’s siren song. Wide eyed, like a deer caught in head lights seeing it’s life flash before it, I saw every misdeed I had ever done flash before my eyes as well, and the burdens of my life’s misdeeds were lifted from my shoulders. We pressed on, forward still, unwavering …then the needle fell of the record as I opened my mouth to say, “That place is retarded big.” I know not very PC of me, but that’s what fell out of my mouth.

For some reason, at that moment, the roads froze up, the clouds came in and the temperature dropped and I felt like a ten ton baboon was placed on my shoulders…well not really, nope.

Here’s the church.



L, not sure what to think.


The ceiling was amazing. Everywhere you looked you saw some interesting setting.

IMG_3670 IMG_3671



IMG_3686 IMG_3690IMG_3689 After what I said earlier, I might not get to see this door.



I tried to get a picture of the entire ceiling, but it was rather difficult. This is the best I could do.


Here is what the church looked like from my view.

And back outside,


I wish I had the name of the church or town, but at the moment I’ve misplaced my notes. I’ll update the name of the place and location next time.



Small Lobster.

This was my first time to taste these cockroaches of the sea. I have to say they were quite tasty.


Gin Rummy, I believe is what this game is called. L and I are keeping a running record of our points, we will be playing this game the entire time we are here.

So far, L has about a 1400 point lead, but I think I can catch up, we still have two more years.

Our scores as of present are:

L : 6720 points

M : 5268 points



A friend and I traveled an hour north to a small city called, Dinkelsberg to buy these beers . They were the worst beers I have had in Germany thus far.

Here they are:


IMG_3844One would think, with a picture like this it should kick butt, these beers should prevail above the rest…nope not one bit. If you like Hinniekin or St. Paulies Squirrel, then Perhaps you’ll like these beers and that’s being nice, even my native Oregonian beer drinker L poo-pooped the beer.

Also I counted how many beer I’ve tasted and I have now tried 74 different beers…I have a long way to go.

Jean- Luc Update:

Some of you voiced concerns over Jean-Luc’s weight loss and being JL perhaps he did lose some pounds for the cameras, he is French after all. But let me assure you, The Duke is back.


He specifically asked for black and white pictures, he said something about black is slimming, something like that…whatever.

IMG_3864 IMG_3870 IMG_3885

I told him to stop drinking my beer, now look at him, he can barely keep his eyes open. It’s always a struggle when he gets in his moods and then decides he wants to take the car for a spin. I’ve told him the pavarazzi here are not as nice as back home. He just looks at me and goes back to the bottle. Look at that picture, his eyes speak volumes.



IMG_3853 IMG_3887

Snow bunny says, “help.” Of course Jean-Luc just looks at him and walks away with his bottle in his paw.

that’s all folks,


P.S, If these pictures get back to Jean-Luc… It wasn’t me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Street of Kings Part 4

Hello everybody,

Oh mad Ludwig II you’re so silly, is probably what everyone thought at the time he was having his castle built, Neuschwanstein. It took 18 years to construct his castle and only two floors of the 5 floor castle were done, the staff quarters and his floor which had his small opera room. He lived in it for only 148 or 178 days not sure and then was accused by the Bavarian Municipality of being bonkers and then placed him in custody, but the Bavarian folk called him, “Our darling king.” Ludwig II did not take the accusation well and on June 13, 1886 bid farewell by mysteriously drowning in Lake Stranberg.

ludwig_02_370 L thinks I resemble him. I don’t see it…but maybe I’ll be him next Halloween. I think he looks like Mike A. or Tony A. But I can already hear the locals, “Here comes that crazy Mexican thinking he’s Ludwig II.”

It is said that Ludwig II nearly bankrupted Bavaria building his monument to Richard Wagner. Of course Wagner was the composer he was in love with, Wagner was the bees knees in Ludwig’s mind. Some people cook dinner for those they love, or give each other tortillas, or share a warm blanket and even walk the dog, but Ludwig II built Wagner a McSchloss with each room dedicated to his music.

I wonder what Wagner thought while it was happening. I can see him waving no and yes at the same time. Who wouldn’t? The king wants to build a castle to celebrate my works…ummm…no, yeah right.







Who lives here?






As you can see from the right hand side of this pictures. It’s a no camera sign. But I managed to take one.





Here’s the opera room.


I think L was lost, even though it was a guided tour.


Who’s puny castle is that down there…oh it’s dad’s castle.

The Kitchen



Well this concludes part 4 stay tuned for part 5. When L and I venture into the land of Church Rococo.




Monday, January 4, 2010

Street of Kings Part 3

Hello Everybody,

After breakfast we headed towards Ludwig II parent’s pad, Hohenschwangau Castle, which translates to…Castle of High Swan County.  Built by Ludwig II’s father, Maximilian II, little Ludwig spent his childhood sheltered from the world wondering around his parents castle.  He spent a lot of time thinking about building castles…antisocial.  Apparently Ludwig II never ventured far from his parents place, or perhaps was not allowed. 

Originally, the castle was built by these olden Knights that ruled the lands in the 12th century, after getting fed up with the locals they split, leaving the castle in a crack house sort of affair.  Then comes along good ol’ Max II of Bavaria and is like, “wha’… this place kicks ass.”  He buys the crack den from the local hippys and was like, “time to go neogothic sucka,” and begins to restore the building.

By 1837, reconstruction was complete. Hohenschwangau became the summer hang out for the family.  The main floor was for Max and his lady, while his sons, Auto and Ludwig II stayed in the annex, wait a minute… why is Ludwig II named Ludwig?   Isn’t his father named  Max…hmmmmm, I’ll have to look that up. moving on…




IMG_3515 IMG_3516 IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3519 IMG_3521 IMG_3522


Here’s L, so bored, she was sleepwalking…she walked around saying, “not my castle, no way. “





One can see Ludwig II’s castle in the distance.  He spent 18 long years staring through a telescope through this window checking on the progress of his castle.  He could have just walked up there…crazy.




L, pretending to be Ludwig II as a young child making fun of the statues in the background.  “Why is that one statue turning away?”

 IMG_3544Here’s where baby Ludwig was born…just kidding, this is a cave that leads into their outdoor hot tub…really.  


Well that’s Hohenschwangau.  We toured the inside as well and as usual I was told not to take pictures…sorry. 

Next, a 20 minute walk up the mountain to Ludwig II’s Nueschwanstein. I can see why Walt liked this place and wanted one for himself.  He must have frowned saying, “ I want one too” just like all the kiddos that visit his DisneyLand or World places.

Coming up…Part 4 of Street of Kings.