Wednesday, July 29, 2009

German Community Gardens

Hello Everybody,
Here are some pictures of our walk through the local community gardens. There are several gardens that are located in and around the village. This garden you see in the pictures and video is fairly centralized and I would say moderate in appearence.

There are other gardens that we have walked by, while they are more lavish in their building structures and getaway cottages, the gardens in these pictures and video are some of the best in town, visually anyway.

I had to stop to take a picture of these beans on a pole, very Jack and the Beanstalk, they were quite tall and imposing, as though they were saying to me, "You think you can bring me down!" I'll have to walk by again during the weeks that follow the see how much bean this plant yields.

Here we have the entrance to the garden. One would never know that a garden exist because the garden is surrounded by tall ferns, therefore blocking a view of the goods. But once you walk past the gates, it is a sight. Upon our first discovery of this garden, the vegetation was unreal, neatly lined, trimmed and well pedicured, nothing short of perfect. Those Germs, they do like to garden.

Here is some video:

Here are some more pictures I took of the area.

I can't figure out what this small structure is. The building is nestled along newer structures and it has a chimney which looks older and in the style of the church downtown. It has two doors , one bigger than the other, and I know this is not a mormon town, and a sort of barn opening in the center top. Old farm house? I'll find out. Perhaps it's a left over from when the town was first built. I say left over, because many of the houses are renovated or restored and some lose their old world identity. Take our place for example, it was built as part of the city wall, while the outside looks older the inside is all fairly new.

Lastly, I also took this picture because I so wanted the candy machine to know... I actually didn't check to see if they were in service or not. I'll go back and check. So many things I have to do a check over on. I bet it's out of candy.

Today in History:

Death of the political philosopher, Herbert Marcuse, in Starnberg, Germany. Marcuse is noted for his Marxist philosophy and Freudian analyses of 20th century Western society. Marcuse was particularly influential among the protesters of the 60's and 70's. Marcuse worked in the Frankfurt "Institut fuer Sozialforschung" until the Nazis came to power in 1933. He then fled to the United States. During the war he was an intelligence analyst for the U. S. Army. Beginning in 1951 he taught at Columbia University, Harvard University, Brandeis University and the University of California at San Diego.

In 1975, Gerald Ford was the first American president to visit the concentration camp in Auschwitz.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera with me, again, when we left to pick up our car. Everything went well and we now have a new lady car. Please excuss the shortness of the video, I'm trying to figure out what to film next. I got to keep it fresh man.

I did add a pictures link, so you can see what else is around town and I will be starting my beer and food blog talk as soon as there is money in the bank. Hooray for Friday, we'll be back in black, which means we'll get to do some shopping. We have money back home, but the exchange rate is terrible. The school I was teaching at paid me three months worth of salary because I wasn't going to be there next year. At the time I thought it was great except for the tax bit, but it is just emergency money because like I said, the exchange rate suxs.

I did make a bread salad this evening, inspired by KNoodle and I have to say I was quite proud of myself. I used fennel seed and fresh basil with some garlic, shallots and balsamic vinegar smoothered with tomatoes and olive oil. Oh yeah, plus butter to brown the garlic and bread cubes in a pan. Put in the oven to brown the butter garlic bread slightly and then mix altogether with whatever portions of accents you like. Renee did say, yummy. I said, shit this is good. We got to balance eachother out you know.

Well were gonna go on our German evening walk now. We miss and love everyone.

will post soon,

M & L

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Walk in the Spielplatz

Guest Post #2
by L
We decided to take some pictures on our favorite walk through the village today. Starting (of course) with a photo of our favorite neighborhood promotional Band Van.
We see it occasionally parked around town, and it seems they live in our hood. Maybe the Les Bespians could get a gig with these guys...?

Then for the children among our readership, we thought we'd highlight some of the lovely playgrounds around town. I highly recommend a visit for you younger folks, If only to play in these playgrounds around town. They make me want to be a kid in Germany.

And this is just the first playground we come to by the house.

After the playground we head through the neighborhood...

(I think we need to wait a little longer before we let Jean Luc out of the house, if only so he doesn't run up and terrorize the people living in this house):

...and after a few minutes, take a small trail that leads through a second park...
up a rocky trail, and out into a big cornfield...

...following the trail out toward the village airport, under a freeway to our favorite village graffiti.

You'll see more in the video of the day, which as usual, says it all:

Car update:
It sounds like they found our missing money, and we can go on Tuesday and get the cash to pay the dealer. So maybe next week we'll have our car...either way, you'll hear it here first!

Love and miss you.
Love, Li

Friday, July 24, 2009

Well that didn't work.

Remember when I said things were going smoothly and that I would regret saying such a thing. Well...that time has arrived.

Yesterday Renee and I were suppose to pick up our new car and the stars did not align themselves when we arrived at the dealership. Let me just say, Germs are big on documentation, all forms in quintuples, stamped and checked over doubly, doubly. Just, but I was surprised when the dealer asked if we had the money, even after I had talked to him last Thursday when he authorized the account to account transaction.

So we’re sitting there and he can’t find the transaction or something like that. So we go over to accounting and they check whether or not our money has gone through, they check under both our names…nein, zip, nothing.

The dealer gets on the horn, calls our bank and finds out that we had deposit the money and that the bank would fax over a copy of the transaction immediately.

I’m thinking why they didn’t check before we arrived, you know, check just in case there are any discrepancies. Thus I started to get a bad feeling about the transaction, because I was the one that wrote down the numbers and I remember feeling unsure when I was telling the bank clerk the dealerships account info. Things kind of get lost in translation.

While we were sitting waiting the sales representative named, Ralf, started handing us all the information about the car. He took us out to the car and showed us how to a start a diesel car properly, he showed us the fancy light that indicates when the motor is ready to be used. He told about the navigation system and so on.

We went back inside, he offered us a drink and after sometime the fax arrived. He gave the fax sheet a look over and he started calling his bank to make sure the company had our payment…nein.

I now also have to mention that the gray clouds and thunder had rolled in and had engulfed the entire city. It does not rain cats and dogs in Germany, it rains pigs and cows. The weather was awful, I’m not joking it was something out of some weird Neverland story. Back to the story

Now he’s puzzled, he goes over the account numbers and discovers one of the accountsto be missing a number and not only that has an extra number. Opps. He explains, This has never happen before, I don’t understand. He quite understood and we decided to try to correct the problem ourselves, he took back the keys and we left to our bank without our new car and begun to drive in the down pour of pigs and cows back to our village.

This was why I said they should have made sure everything was kosher (wink) before they had us drive over to find out our money had not gone through.

We arrived at the bank, got drenched in the rain and begun to try to correct the mistake. Oh yes we have to turn in the car the following day, therefore there was a sense of urgency to rectify the situation . Well not really we have our bikes, but still where is our money.

After some time we found out that they had to trace the money because they don’t know where it gone off to, I mean they do, but they don’t know what account in the car dealer’s bank. I’m thinking, the money is in the account that is written on the transaction slip, what’s the problem.

But no, the car dealer’s bank has to retrieve the money and then the money gets sent back to our account and then we start the process again. BUMMER.

I believe all of this could have been prevented had I doubly, doubly checked the account number. Later that evening I looked over the transaction stubs, I had all the account numbers written correctly, I must have not rewritten them correctly on the transaction slip. My bad. Maybe... I’m thinking it was the bank teller trying to sabotage me. Just joking…maybe.

It made me so mad, because I felt like I was perpetuating any stereotypes Germs have about Ausländer (foreigners). I must be perfect all the time; it’s a personal inner motivation thing with me. Renee was saying I shouldn’t beat myself up over it, but I will be flogging myself for weeks and cutting the small patch of weeds we have on our property with tweezers.

But on the pleasant side of the news, we get to keep the rental car longer. A lady at the bank is trying to get the situation sorted out so we don’t have to wait for the money to return to us, but will go to the correct account number at the dealership. At which point, cross our fingers, we get to pick up our car.

Ok, I’m pooped.

We miss everyone and send us some nut mix.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That's what I do

Hello Everybody,

How are things going? Well as you can see we are starting to settle in, well as much as one can settle in when talking about living in a different environment, culture, etc...

Thursday is the official day; we get to pick-up our car. Both of us are glad, we can now park in our driveway without having to negotiate all the angles for the right trajectory…silly.

I rode my bike this morning with Renee. She was quite happy riding her new bike, although I think the trip getting over here might have messed with some of the settings, but that’s ok I’ll have to do the bike adjustment for her.

Also I’m gonna mention this now and perhaps regret saying it later. I feel as though moving has gone quite smooth for us. Both of us have heard some wild stories about moving here, but for the most part, things are going fine. We still haven’t gotten used to shopping, while things seem inexpensive, the items are smaller in quantity, so we find ourselves shopping more. Thus spending more money on groceries? Maybe. We won’t know until we crunch the numbers. I’ve saved each bill we have received thus far. We’ll keep you posted.

On other news I hyper extended my ankle last week jogging, I thought it was nothing serious and because of that it is taking its sweet time to heal. Renee says it’s because I don’t rest my ankle and she is right. Last night was the first time I iced it and it feels better. So it’s a drag being out of commission, I don’t see myself walking to shop for groceries until maybe this weekend. I need my ankle o heal…how am I going to play my drums with a bum ankle and I just made contact with other musicians.

I was to see a band this past Saturday, but because of my ankle, I postponed my visit until I’ve healed. I'm hoping my ankle feels better by Friday. I'll be getting coffee with Harvey tomorrow morning and he's who share all the wonderful stories about Herzo. So I'm hopingto have some new history stuff to share, if not, I have my eye on a Medievel Festival that just around the bend, so I might go ask some questions at the Rathaus (Court House). I say that, but actually doing it is another story. Until next time..."Do what ever you will, but first be such as are able to will." (some old German dude said this a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, far away)


What I did today.

Lots of Hugs,


Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Man in a Little Coat

This is Rene here. I've been asked to do a guest post, since some people didn't believe that I am living here too.

I was a little nervous and was having trouble thinking of a theme and/or a title for my first guest post, however, as you know, our household goods finally arrived today, and it was sometime during the moving-in process that the theme and title struck me. A little reference to an old Chris Farley skit aptly described moving our household goods from the US into our house here. Big Man in a little coat... Big man in a Little coat...

Okay, we didn't even move half of our stuff here, and I know for a fact we didn't move a third of what most people move since we only had to bring one piece of furniture, but wow, it's a tight squeeze. I think you'll be able to see this in the video above...

Don't worry, there's still plenty of room for you all to come visit. We have two guest bed-rooms in the works, and the current tally is that we can sleep five additional adult or almost-adult sized peeps. Luckily, there is a lot of storage here, so we are not overly worried, we were just a little shocked by how much it all turned out to be.

Aptly enough, we finished up our day of American Excess with our first trip to the Village McDonalds. It just seemed appropriate. Martin had the New York burger and American fries, I had two small burgers and the pomme frites. Nice, but we're glad we won't have to do that again for awhile.

We're still squishing stuff into tiny little storage places now, and we'll do a video soon to show you all the guest bedrooms so you can start choosing your favorites now...

Love & Miss You,


PS. M turned his ankle jogging the other day, so he hasn't been out walking to make a new video...but he will hopefully be back at it soon!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our items from home due to arrive Monday!!!


As you can see the city remains quite the same. Herzo is oneof the cities that was not bombed during WWII, therefore is has retained it's medieval charm. The city has added a few trees, benches, bike stalls, and some of the roofs have been changed, but for the most part things remain the same.

I wasn't sure as I was taking the picture whether or not I had the right location. I believe I need to walk a bit farther back to catch more of the buildings on the left. On the right, I'll have to go back and remove the tree. In case I'm asked by the authorities why I am up rooting a tree, I'll carry the older picture with me and ask, "Why have the streets of Herzo been defaced ?" making sure to wave the picture in front of their face. Then maybe start saying, "das ist verboten, everything must remain as it should be." What do think? Nah, maybe next year. I believe it's to bold of a move on my part...Ja?

Moving on...

We did attend the festival last night, it was mellow compared to the previous evening. I found out the crowd density coincides with how good the band is, and I was told the band last night stunk, although I thought they were alright...but what do I know, you be the judge. I did surmise, from listening to the music, that Germans like to go walking on sunshine near country roads back during the summer of '69. Oh yes, the mugs at the start of the video and I don't mean our faces, are 1 liter...yeah I know...and I had two last night, not so smart, because I had to wake up early and walk over to the bank and make a transfer to the car dealership. That's right, if everything goes well Renee and I will be the proud owners of a blue Toyota. Thus smelling like a walking brat and beer, probably wouldn't be so pleasant for the teller...or would it be. Hmm




Sorry no beer review, I'm out of beer at the moment. I need to drive over to the drink market...another video...maybe, well see. While I know it's kinda cool to see the crazy guy driving and filming, it's not the safest thing. But I'll figure something out, don't you worry. Until then here are some pictures.



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What the HECK was that noise?

Sorry about the crazy audio distortion at the end of that last video. I was messing around with video compression and I must have hit the "add more noise at the end of your video" button.

So the festival was great, nothing but dancing jolly Germans. I did not take pictures because I was doing some reconnaissance, you know...get a feel for the place, checking for good lighting, good audio quality, searching for that right table to capture the festival in all it's glory, blah, blah, blah. No I didn't take pictures because we're headed back this evening with Renee's other coworkers, the cooler Portland ones. It should be better and I am going to take pictures this time.

Well I sent off my resume to a couple of the local schools that could possibly have a need for an English teacher. Trying to get the ball rolling. I'll also will be emailing the university at Erlangen for some research info or see what I can do to use their library.

Some History

I did some digging around and found out that the Military Base, now called the Herzo Base, was designed by a French architect and the base was also used as a Hitler young training ground, with limited powers because of the Treaty of Versailles, but the Germans were clever and got around this by dressing fighter pilots as civilians, thus being allowed to practice their flying. Although the base didn't see much "action" the base was mainly used as a refueling area.

I figure I might as well start doing some research to pass the time. Make the blog more interesting. I also found some pictures of the city circa. 1950, and it looks the same. I have to go to the spot where the picture was taken, take my own picture so everyone can compare both pictures... yeah that was a long sentence.

Renee has an outdoor and apparel show tomorrow, while the name of the city has flown from my memory like a swift, I hear the city is quite beautiful and romantic. Renee gets to now hang out with designers and prettier people than me, which makes me pause and think to myself, Self, I hope Renee returns and doesn't run off with some chiseled faced German runway model. Man, I need to work on my cat walk.

Just kidding I'm not worried at all, I get to be alone for an evening, I'm gonna see what kind of trouble I can get into, you know pass the time with Jean-Luc. A little bit of beer for me, a little bit of beer for Jean-Luc and so on. That's another strange thing, back home I'm slightly allergic to beer. I say slightly because, I just get small hives on my palms. I don't get all red in face and my throat does not swell up, so my allergic reaction is quite minimal. But here...nothing...not a single hive. It's bizarre, granted I don't drink as much here because the beer is potent, one would think I would still be allergic. New diet, less allergic? We'll see...


It's Cloudy Out



Dunkle: Hefeweizen



I borrowed the information from the Nuremberg Military Community

Monday, July 13, 2009



As I mentioned earlier, we've been looking for a car since we arrived, well I think we have found the one car that 1.) fits in our driveway. 2.) has sufficient backseat space for visitors and 3.) power, power, power. We needed something zippy for the Autobahn, man does not want to be in the way of a faster car, man must have enough horsepower under the hood to switch lanes fast enough not to have a Porsche permanently attached to your cars rear bumper. Really.

Nothing has been set into stone but here is what we might buy.


This little car has some get up and go under the hood, while still retaining a sort of lady car quality. I know some of you are thinking, you moved to Germany and you're not gonna buy a German car...well in all honesty, we couldn't find a German car that truly spoke to us, the closes was the VW Golf and the ones we looked at had way to many miles, and if we wanted a lower mileage Golf we would have to spring for a pretty penny. We also want to resell the car when we leave and we've heard Toyota's do well here in Germania.

Originally we thought we'd get a nice German car and ship it back to the States, but I did some research and that kind of move would require a small fortune, ready for the kicker, to down grade our German car to fit U.S. standards. I said wha'?

The same goes for the Toyota. While the U.S. may have higher emission standards, foreign cars tend to have a more aggressive stance, (lower to the ground to increase the downforce of the car) meaning we would have to have the shocks and struts replaced and headlights and on and on and on. So we decided to find a car that would be fun, simple and easy to sell when we decide to leave. The Toyota is a 2.0 diesel and at the moment diesel is twenty cents cheaper here. So things are looking fairly good for the Toyota. Plus it has a two year warranty and the dealership is five miles away. Captain we have lift-off.

Tonight we will be heading to the local Sommer Festival, code for Beer Festival, with Renee's coworkers. Oh yes, Teacher Tomblin, wait... Librarian Tomblin. Renee is ... I'll give you a hint L.R. Mitchell, it's kind of like code, she can be particular about who reads our blog. She's part German remember, the being part of a small group is in her blood, plus being like a German their is a certain mistrust of anything foreign, well except cars, she doesn't want the Gestapo breaking down our door for blogging bout subversive ideas. Kinda of like buying a Toyota over a VW.
Oh yes, the Sommer Festival, I'll try to take some pictures of the event.

Can you believe they are sending me to make sure our reserved table for the evening doesn't get given away. I have to arrive early, before 6 because after that all bets are off, look for the adidas table labeled Monika and then sit there until everyone shows up, the whole while I have to scare off the locals from trying to sit at our reserved table. Renee's coworkers told me not to worry, a beard and scowling a lot would scare most Germans off. I'm not worried about the Germans I might scare, I'm worried about the Germans that don't scare and try to pull some kind of imperialistic RISK move on our table.

It's kind of like the German concept of forming a line, oh wait, there isn't a concept, it's first come first served, particularly in festivals as was evident at the Samba Festival. We were standing in what we though was a line for food only to see people cut in front of us, I finally told Renee we have got to get up their and get some food and we did. The expierience was weird at first but it's normal here, cutting is part of their culture, you got to be decisive and quick. Therefore a table might be fair game unless someone sits their and tells every soul that would like to sit there, that I have this table for the evening, even though I'll probably be sitting alone for about an hour.

YIPPIE, I can't wait!!!


I have a new video for today.
Hold on to you Stomach, it's gonna get bumpy.

many hugs and kisses,

-M and L


The peanut butter was a gift from a friend, it's hard to find peanut butter, if one can find it at all in our village.

The Phantom Koffee: Episode V

Here is the last part of the video.

Next I'll be trying to go to the Turkish Fruit and Veggie Market. Will I get there? ...stay tuned


Video no worky, will fix, but here is a picture of Jean-Luc to hold you over.

I have to re-edit Part: Vier, it will be die last video in the first series and I hope it doesn't bore you all too much. I hope you enjoyed the first installment. We start with a clean slate tomorrow. I did some filming today and I'll do some more filming later.

I'm starting to getting interested in doing some research, the more I observe how people live in this area the more I want to know about their customs. I have been reading two books at once, because I go back and forth comparing what one author says to the other. I have read that regional loyalty is a part of German culture and more so in the south. Each region has a distinct dialect that is being preserved and that there has been a movement, started back by the "Generating of '68," to try to make the German language more...accessible for all people, which is seen by some to be wrong...well it is quite interesting and what I am reading also lends to my interest into the Turk population that has been in Germany since the late 40's, being they are still not accepted as citizens, even though some Turks are now into 3rd and 4th generation born in Germany.
Sorry that's another story, regardless it's research I would like to do. I need to talk to Kagel up in Shelton, too see what she thinks, plus my past professor, Dr. Schuler.
Back to what is going on here: There is this butcher that has his store at the end of our street and I'm staring to work up the nerve to go into his store. It's a lot harder than I imagined. Not having the language to talk to people can be...trying. I am going to attempt to purchase some form of bovine or schwine product this week. I'll let everyone know how that goes.


Landbrauerei Geyer

This weizen was a natural, which was ok. The favors were subtle, a hint of clove with a citrus after taste. It was refreshing and light. I tend to like my weizen beers to be more full flavored. While this had a flavor it was what I expected, I noticed the wald taste to it, which is becoming a theme when we have bought something that is natural. Expect it to taste wild, as in fresh from the elks butt wild. Nevertheless still a good beer. I am now in search for the fire smoked infused beir that is popular in Bamberg, which was first brought to my attention by A&S. I feel I am close to finding this golden nectar of youth.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

German/Samba Festival

The shopping continues: part 3


Saturday was quite eventful. I set up three car appointments for Renee and I, according to our relocation agent, man can't just show up at a dealership and ask for a test drive, man must make an appointment for a probefahrt.

Back to the story, Renee and I went to our first appointment early to scope out the place, a used car salesman is a used car salesman in any country, and by the looks of their shop, their places can speak a thousand words. Besides Renee hasn't been very receptive towards the smaller dealers and honestly neither have I, something about the ponytails, gold rings and necklaces. Although in some cultures that might be a good thing, you know, like an indicator that business is good and a solid promise of good customer satisfaction.

Still, even Renee's friend told us to be leery of used car salesman if the car we are looking at is not from a dealership.

He was right, as we found out, dealerships are government regulated, a dealership can't just sell man a car, it needs to go through a rigorous inspection. Believe me, I seen some of the vehicles after inspection, the "inspector" takes some kind of chalk and marks ever ding, scratch and writes a detailed report about the handling. Thus in the end you get a full inspection of the car and history report supplied by the dealer. Not so much in the states, I believe one has to ask for the cars serial number then go through a bunch of hoops before a report is located, if the local DMV has been keeping records of your car.

Back to the story, well we show up at this dealership and the car isn't even on the lot. Perhaps it sold, perhaps it was just some bait to get us out to his dealership, and it was kind of sad because it was a vehicle that both of us like, the Mazda 3. So we returned home and I mentioned to Renee another vehicle I found during the week, a 2005 2.0 Toyota Corolla, 4 door, diesel, and also cute which is a plus. So we headed to Erlangen to look at this Toyota and lo' and behold, it was like the shining sword of King Arthur, Renee was in gear monkey land. Guess what...we asked for a probefahrt and we got one. We drove the car for about thirty minutes, they really allow you to bond with the vehicle here, oh yeah...the place was also an official Toyota Dealership. The star were aligning, this car had the muscle and the brains I tell you.

We got back to the dealership and being unsure we told the gentlemen at the dealership. "We have to think about it." We left and as we were driving back, Renee and I got to talking and decided we liked this vehicle, we called our relocation agent asked her what needed to be done, since we are waiting for some mulla and she said we could do a hand shake agreement with the dealer with small fees if we decided to back out of the deal, but nothing big.

Long story short, we turned around, drove back and entered into negotiations for the new "Lady Car."

And that was just the morning. Later we drove about an hour north to an awesome city called, Coburg, to check their yearly SAMBA Festival. One of Renee's coworkers performers with a samba group, which happen to be performing that evening. It was wild and tame at the same time. The Festival is all weekend and there were three gigantic stages and three smaller stages, plus each platz had a samba band, with dancers performing. Quite a sight!

I complained about not having my camera the whole day. Lately my rechargeable batteries aren't so rechargeable.

I'm also gonna start adding pictures to my flickr site as soon as get batteries


This weeks pick:

This is a beer from the local brewery, well to the region. It is by far one of the best "Pils" like beer I have had. It is a Helles Vollbier from Die Franfen Halbe, The Half Franfen meaning? I'm not sure and I forgot to ask a local, I will find out, maybe K and L would know, and helles meaning bright, in this case like a pils and not a Dunkel which is darker. Next time I'll take a picture of the beer in the glass so you get to see the color and such. I'm still tring to figure out how to describe German beer.

To many more moons,


Friday, July 10, 2009

Wie geht es Ihnen?

Guten Morgen,

I hope everyone enjoyed watching the first video installment and don'y worry I'll be careful, as you can tell from watching the video I'm not so keen on city streets, it will get better, promise. The next series will pick up right where I left off. I'm also going to start including pictures of the food we've eaten, because I get to practice my cooking.

Here are some of the pictures:


This is the 2 installment of yesterdays video, there will be a part 4 and 5 coming soon, stay tuned.

Nothing much has changed from yesterday, I did get coffee this morning at a local gramp and grandma place with H, a husband of one of Renee's work friends. It was...nice, a bit chilly and the locals tried talking to me, which I now have a phrase which is, "Nein, Ich verstehe kein Duetsch." (No, I understand no German.) Language class is going well and words I have learned in class will stand out when I'm listening to a German converstaion or when they ask me a question. Little by litttle.

We are going to test drive a car this afternoon. Check it out, except the car we will be testing is grey. We'll see...

Well it's been swell, but I got to get some food. Until then...

Wie bitte?


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doing that thing we do.

Hello everybody,

I hope you are all in the best of health! We are now officially hooked up to the Internet, as for having a land line, well...that's another story. I would also like to wilkommen all of you to our blog.
In the future you'll get to see me trek around Herzo, as I try to blend in with the natives...oh yes, can someone please send me skin bleach, it's hard to blend in when you look like this

I am also doing video test until I get good quality video feeds. So until then, you might get to see some bad videos, but I'll keep trying. The hardest thing about video feeds is getting the video to a manageable size and still retain a good quality image.

This is the first installment in a series, but it takes a while to download all the video. Enjoy! There will be more!!!