Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That's what I do

Hello Everybody,

How are things going? Well as you can see we are starting to settle in, well as much as one can settle in when talking about living in a different environment, culture, etc...

Thursday is the official day; we get to pick-up our car. Both of us are glad, we can now park in our driveway without having to negotiate all the angles for the right trajectory…silly.

I rode my bike this morning with Renee. She was quite happy riding her new bike, although I think the trip getting over here might have messed with some of the settings, but that’s ok I’ll have to do the bike adjustment for her.

Also I’m gonna mention this now and perhaps regret saying it later. I feel as though moving has gone quite smooth for us. Both of us have heard some wild stories about moving here, but for the most part, things are going fine. We still haven’t gotten used to shopping, while things seem inexpensive, the items are smaller in quantity, so we find ourselves shopping more. Thus spending more money on groceries? Maybe. We won’t know until we crunch the numbers. I’ve saved each bill we have received thus far. We’ll keep you posted.

On other news I hyper extended my ankle last week jogging, I thought it was nothing serious and because of that it is taking its sweet time to heal. Renee says it’s because I don’t rest my ankle and she is right. Last night was the first time I iced it and it feels better. So it’s a drag being out of commission, I don’t see myself walking to shop for groceries until maybe this weekend. I need my ankle o heal…how am I going to play my drums with a bum ankle and I just made contact with other musicians.

I was to see a band this past Saturday, but because of my ankle, I postponed my visit until I’ve healed. I'm hoping my ankle feels better by Friday. I'll be getting coffee with Harvey tomorrow morning and he's who share all the wonderful stories about Herzo. So I'm hopingto have some new history stuff to share, if not, I have my eye on a Medievel Festival that just around the bend, so I might go ask some questions at the Rathaus (Court House). I say that, but actually doing it is another story. Until next time..."Do what ever you will, but first be such as are able to will." (some old German dude said this a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, far away)


What I did today.

Lots of Hugs,



Betty Edwards said...

haha, we miss you guys!!! sux about the ankle, keep that ice on it, you crazy bastard.
-Beth and Chris

Barbara said...

Looks like everything is coming along nicely. Sorry to hear about your ankle... make sure you rest it or it'll never get better!! Oh, I like the little mini Mexico you have going on in your kitchen.... ;)