Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera with me, again, when we left to pick up our car. Everything went well and we now have a new lady car. Please excuss the shortness of the video, I'm trying to figure out what to film next. I got to keep it fresh man.

I did add a pictures link, so you can see what else is around town and I will be starting my beer and food blog talk as soon as there is money in the bank. Hooray for Friday, we'll be back in black, which means we'll get to do some shopping. We have money back home, but the exchange rate is terrible. The school I was teaching at paid me three months worth of salary because I wasn't going to be there next year. At the time I thought it was great except for the tax bit, but it is just emergency money because like I said, the exchange rate suxs.

I did make a bread salad this evening, inspired by KNoodle and I have to say I was quite proud of myself. I used fennel seed and fresh basil with some garlic, shallots and balsamic vinegar smoothered with tomatoes and olive oil. Oh yeah, plus butter to brown the garlic and bread cubes in a pan. Put in the oven to brown the butter garlic bread slightly and then mix altogether with whatever portions of accents you like. Renee did say, yummy. I said, shit this is good. We got to balance eachother out you know.

Well were gonna go on our German evening walk now. We miss and love everyone.

will post soon,

M & L

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Kathleen said...

and with that last video i am officially caught up on "Lianne und Martin leben ins Deutschland" - awesome to see what's up with youz. we miss you terribly. lj