Sunday, July 26, 2009

Walk in the Spielplatz

Guest Post #2
by L
We decided to take some pictures on our favorite walk through the village today. Starting (of course) with a photo of our favorite neighborhood promotional Band Van.
We see it occasionally parked around town, and it seems they live in our hood. Maybe the Les Bespians could get a gig with these guys...?

Then for the children among our readership, we thought we'd highlight some of the lovely playgrounds around town. I highly recommend a visit for you younger folks, If only to play in these playgrounds around town. They make me want to be a kid in Germany.

And this is just the first playground we come to by the house.

After the playground we head through the neighborhood...

(I think we need to wait a little longer before we let Jean Luc out of the house, if only so he doesn't run up and terrorize the people living in this house):

...and after a few minutes, take a small trail that leads through a second park...
up a rocky trail, and out into a big cornfield...

...following the trail out toward the village airport, under a freeway to our favorite village graffiti.

You'll see more in the video of the day, which as usual, says it all:

Car update:
It sounds like they found our missing money, and we can go on Tuesday and get the cash to pay the dealer. So maybe next week we'll have our car...either way, you'll hear it here first!

Love and miss you.
Love, Li



"My turn! My turn!", said the German Historian.

Betty Edwards said...

yay! we want to come play on the playground. love that giant colorful cow thingy.. fun!
we miss you guys!
-beth and chris