Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What the HECK was that noise?

Sorry about the crazy audio distortion at the end of that last video. I was messing around with video compression and I must have hit the "add more noise at the end of your video" button.

So the festival was great, nothing but dancing jolly Germans. I did not take pictures because I was doing some reconnaissance, you know...get a feel for the place, checking for good lighting, good audio quality, searching for that right table to capture the festival in all it's glory, blah, blah, blah. No I didn't take pictures because we're headed back this evening with Renee's other coworkers, the cooler Portland ones. It should be better and I am going to take pictures this time.

Well I sent off my resume to a couple of the local schools that could possibly have a need for an English teacher. Trying to get the ball rolling. I'll also will be emailing the university at Erlangen for some research info or see what I can do to use their library.

Some History

I did some digging around and found out that the Military Base, now called the Herzo Base, was designed by a French architect and the base was also used as a Hitler young training ground, with limited powers because of the Treaty of Versailles, but the Germans were clever and got around this by dressing fighter pilots as civilians, thus being allowed to practice their flying. Although the base didn't see much "action" the base was mainly used as a refueling area.

I figure I might as well start doing some research to pass the time. Make the blog more interesting. I also found some pictures of the city circa. 1950, and it looks the same. I have to go to the spot where the picture was taken, take my own picture so everyone can compare both pictures... yeah that was a long sentence.

Renee has an outdoor and apparel show tomorrow, while the name of the city has flown from my memory like a swift, I hear the city is quite beautiful and romantic. Renee gets to now hang out with designers and prettier people than me, which makes me pause and think to myself, Self, I hope Renee returns and doesn't run off with some chiseled faced German runway model. Man, I need to work on my cat walk.

Just kidding I'm not worried at all, I get to be alone for an evening, I'm gonna see what kind of trouble I can get into, you know pass the time with Jean-Luc. A little bit of beer for me, a little bit of beer for Jean-Luc and so on. That's another strange thing, back home I'm slightly allergic to beer. I say slightly because, I just get small hives on my palms. I don't get all red in face and my throat does not swell up, so my allergic reaction is quite minimal. But here...nothing...not a single hive. It's bizarre, granted I don't drink as much here because the beer is potent, one would think I would still be allergic. New diet, less allergic? We'll see...


It's Cloudy Out



Dunkle: Hefeweizen



I borrowed the information from the Nuremberg Military Community

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