Monday, July 13, 2009

Video no worky, will fix, but here is a picture of Jean-Luc to hold you over.

I have to re-edit Part: Vier, it will be die last video in the first series and I hope it doesn't bore you all too much. I hope you enjoyed the first installment. We start with a clean slate tomorrow. I did some filming today and I'll do some more filming later.

I'm starting to getting interested in doing some research, the more I observe how people live in this area the more I want to know about their customs. I have been reading two books at once, because I go back and forth comparing what one author says to the other. I have read that regional loyalty is a part of German culture and more so in the south. Each region has a distinct dialect that is being preserved and that there has been a movement, started back by the "Generating of '68," to try to make the German language more...accessible for all people, which is seen by some to be wrong...well it is quite interesting and what I am reading also lends to my interest into the Turk population that has been in Germany since the late 40's, being they are still not accepted as citizens, even though some Turks are now into 3rd and 4th generation born in Germany.
Sorry that's another story, regardless it's research I would like to do. I need to talk to Kagel up in Shelton, too see what she thinks, plus my past professor, Dr. Schuler.
Back to what is going on here: There is this butcher that has his store at the end of our street and I'm staring to work up the nerve to go into his store. It's a lot harder than I imagined. Not having the language to talk to people can be...trying. I am going to attempt to purchase some form of bovine or schwine product this week. I'll let everyone know how that goes.


Landbrauerei Geyer

This weizen was a natural, which was ok. The favors were subtle, a hint of clove with a citrus after taste. It was refreshing and light. I tend to like my weizen beers to be more full flavored. While this had a flavor it was what I expected, I noticed the wald taste to it, which is becoming a theme when we have bought something that is natural. Expect it to taste wild, as in fresh from the elks butt wild. Nevertheless still a good beer. I am now in search for the fire smoked infused beir that is popular in Bamberg, which was first brought to my attention by A&S. I feel I am close to finding this golden nectar of youth.

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