Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our items from home due to arrive Monday!!!


As you can see the city remains quite the same. Herzo is oneof the cities that was not bombed during WWII, therefore is has retained it's medieval charm. The city has added a few trees, benches, bike stalls, and some of the roofs have been changed, but for the most part things remain the same.

I wasn't sure as I was taking the picture whether or not I had the right location. I believe I need to walk a bit farther back to catch more of the buildings on the left. On the right, I'll have to go back and remove the tree. In case I'm asked by the authorities why I am up rooting a tree, I'll carry the older picture with me and ask, "Why have the streets of Herzo been defaced ?" making sure to wave the picture in front of their face. Then maybe start saying, "das ist verboten, everything must remain as it should be." What do think? Nah, maybe next year. I believe it's to bold of a move on my part...Ja?

Moving on...

We did attend the festival last night, it was mellow compared to the previous evening. I found out the crowd density coincides with how good the band is, and I was told the band last night stunk, although I thought they were alright...but what do I know, you be the judge. I did surmise, from listening to the music, that Germans like to go walking on sunshine near country roads back during the summer of '69. Oh yes, the mugs at the start of the video and I don't mean our faces, are 1 liter...yeah I know...and I had two last night, not so smart, because I had to wake up early and walk over to the bank and make a transfer to the car dealership. That's right, if everything goes well Renee and I will be the proud owners of a blue Toyota. Thus smelling like a walking brat and beer, probably wouldn't be so pleasant for the teller...or would it be. Hmm




Sorry no beer review, I'm out of beer at the moment. I need to drive over to the drink market...another video...maybe, well see. While I know it's kinda cool to see the crazy guy driving and filming, it's not the safest thing. But I'll figure something out, don't you worry. Until then here are some pictures.




mitchelb said...

Funny how the pictures of pickles, cheese, sausage, beer, and cool buildings make me miss Germany, even though Ive never been there. Cherish the homeland. I might reverse my outside-USA travel ban for this.

Martin said...

nice...! It's in the blood...