Sunday, January 3, 2010

Looking for the Street of Kings Part Two


We returned to Fussen from Linderhof Palace and walked around town looking for a place to eat.  We ended up eating at an Italian Restaurant, for some reason L was not into eating the local fare that evening.  She had a great teller (plate) of spinach and arugula mixed in with a creamy white wine sauce over noodles and of course, I had to have the pizza, which was OK.  The Herzo pizza joint is better.



Sitting in the Lech Gorge in Germany, it is only 5 miles away from Austria. No wonder we accidently crossed into Austria. It is also thought to have been settled by the Romans, who once called it Foetus or Foetibus.  I believe meaning gorge or taken from the Latin word meaning gorge or something like that. 

Füssen has Saint Mang ( Magnus of Fussen) as its Patron Saint. His original burial place was in the small chapel he built. His bones were transferred to the crypt of the church being built in 850. Around the year 1100 all his bones disappeared. On that note, now I’ll ask, how’s it going mang.

 IMG_3633 The Abbey


The church Mang built?

The burial place in the crypt of the St. Mang Basilica can be seen today, although the only bone of St Mang is a relic which can be found above the main altar in a glass cross.

(Info was borrowed the internets, so there might be some discrepancies).



IMG_3498  Local Fusseners having gluhwein, which is very similar to mulled wine back home.  One can find Gluhwein in about every village and Dorf in Germany, each locale having their own distinct tasting wine. So gut.




This a picture of the local  Hohes Schloss (High Castle) which was a summer get away for the  Bishops of Augsburg.  The castle is one of the best preserved gothic castles in Germany.


IMG_3648Walking through Fussen.



IMG_3645 A view of the Hohes Schloss from a small trail that runs along the town’s edge.


Though Fussen gets a bad rap as being touristy, and perhaps it is in the summer, in the winter it’s a great destination.  The local people were nice and the B&B we stayed at was also fantastic. She was so nice that I’m gonna search our local kitchen kaboodle like store in search for a poached egg timer for her.  While we were there she was saying how she needed another timer, but none of the local stores had one, so she would have to travel to the big city to find one.  The big city being Munich which is about an hour drive.  Soooo, I’m gonna try to find her one and send it to her.

Hugs and kisses and we hope everyone had a great New Year Eve.



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Rosanne Mitchell said...

What a beautiful place! So nice of you to try to find a poached egg timer for your hostess. Almost missed your new blog because the picture was the same as the last one. Thanks to Larry looking further......