Monday, January 4, 2010

Street of Kings Part 3

Hello Everybody,

After breakfast we headed towards Ludwig II parent’s pad, Hohenschwangau Castle, which translates to…Castle of High Swan County.  Built by Ludwig II’s father, Maximilian II, little Ludwig spent his childhood sheltered from the world wondering around his parents castle.  He spent a lot of time thinking about building castles…antisocial.  Apparently Ludwig II never ventured far from his parents place, or perhaps was not allowed. 

Originally, the castle was built by these olden Knights that ruled the lands in the 12th century, after getting fed up with the locals they split, leaving the castle in a crack house sort of affair.  Then comes along good ol’ Max II of Bavaria and is like, “wha’… this place kicks ass.”  He buys the crack den from the local hippys and was like, “time to go neogothic sucka,” and begins to restore the building.

By 1837, reconstruction was complete. Hohenschwangau became the summer hang out for the family.  The main floor was for Max and his lady, while his sons, Auto and Ludwig II stayed in the annex, wait a minute… why is Ludwig II named Ludwig?   Isn’t his father named  Max…hmmmmm, I’ll have to look that up. moving on…




IMG_3515 IMG_3516 IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3519 IMG_3521 IMG_3522


Here’s L, so bored, she was sleepwalking…she walked around saying, “not my castle, no way. “





One can see Ludwig II’s castle in the distance.  He spent 18 long years staring through a telescope through this window checking on the progress of his castle.  He could have just walked up there…crazy.




L, pretending to be Ludwig II as a young child making fun of the statues in the background.  “Why is that one statue turning away?”

 IMG_3544Here’s where baby Ludwig was born…just kidding, this is a cave that leads into their outdoor hot tub…really.  


Well that’s Hohenschwangau.  We toured the inside as well and as usual I was told not to take pictures…sorry. 

Next, a 20 minute walk up the mountain to Ludwig II’s Nueschwanstein. I can see why Walt liked this place and wanted one for himself.  He must have frowned saying, “ I want one too” just like all the kiddos that visit his DisneyLand or World places.

Coming up…Part 4 of Street of Kings.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Enjoyed the history lesson......Martin's a funny boy. Can't wait to see you guys!