Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weetabix and Fast Driving

Hello Everybody,

We've just returned from the Herzo Polizei Department with Rene's Purse.

Doesn't she look thrilled!

Thank the heavens~

Just in case you didn't know...

This purse is a sacred artifact...really. This purse comes from the Drummucus God, Martzequatl the Kleine and was given to Rene as a gift...really.

Many moons ago, on the morn of a chilly March day, Martzequalt traveled to a distant land (this was when he was mortal, so the legend goes). When he arrived to his destination he traveled far and near, high and low. He traveled as far as he could, until he heard a tale of a known place where magic lavished the streets abound.

Needless to say, he journeyed to this most sacred of places and upon his arrival he was consumed with much joy, because he had found the greatest place on this mortal earth.
To his surprise the place was a fortress with walls built of crystal. While wandering through the city, because this is what he did, he wandered and wondered until his heart was pleased, he stumbled upon a rare emerald purse, the kind fairytales are weaved from.

He was enthralled by such beauty, for there were many other purses, but this purse had a siren song that rang true in his ears. It was as though this object sang just to him, he was posessed by the object, for he knows what needed to be done. The purse needed a rightful owner.
So he prepared and surveyed the landscape, when he was ready, he did battle with the gatekeepers and when he was done he was no longer mortal, but a King among Kings, for he had seized the greatest gift known to man.

And because he was merciful, he paid the gatekeepers with trinkets of silver for his time and walked through the crystal made labyrinth.

When the day came to depart, he lifted anchor and boarded the flying vessel that floated across the sea to find the one and only sanctified being that was blessed to poses such a purse.
And on the hollow grounds among the rolling hills of St. John a gift was given and received. And for years the gift remained untouched…or so the story goes…until.

On an humid July evening, when the stars were hidden behind clouds that threaten of rain, the wolves ventured into the streets from their caves and there they prowled and struck silently on an innocent unaware.

On discovery of her lost gem, the White Princess was quite aware that she did declare that her purse was no where…no where to be found that is.

For many nights she would talk to Martzequalt the Kleine, and wished her purse back and unknown to the wolves, was that the White Princes had contacted her CFCU Minions and had now guarded herself from such events, voodoo some would say.

Misfortune was doubly for the wolves, for when the purse was acquired, many moons ago of course, a magical spell was placed upon the purse which, as legend goes said, any who tried to wield the purse without being true of heart would never own the purse, for the purse had a way of finding its true owner.

But what of the voodoo you ask, well it is a kind of white magic woman voodoo, only known by the owner of the purse.

As a precaution, the items in the purse were said to be hexed with a voodoo spell so powerful that even the Gods themselves were afraid to take the purse from the White She Devil and as a result, the wolves are no where to be seen…or so the stories goes.

The End...of this story.

Rothenberg Tower 1

We tried visiting Rothenberg this past weekend, but the place is a tourist magnet, including us. So we went with our original plan and went down Romantich Strasse or Romantic Road. Not to be confused with the feelings or sentiments of being, it is more about the romantic period as I was so corrected. The Romantic Road stretches south from, Wurzberg to Munich. We traveled from the middle northward towards Wurzberg. A great road tour of the country side, beautiful. But everyone drives so fast.


This is my new favorite cereal!!!

Will try to post more,


As of 10 minutes ago, my historical research assistant brought to my attention that the romantische strasse was a major north-south trade route during the middle ages.


Ana said...

Love the story of Martzequatl the Kleine and the White Princess, now you just need some illustrations.

Martin said...

Rene said, Martzequal looks like a hobbit in the video.