Monday, August 3, 2009

Bamberg Smoked Beer


That's right, smoked beer.

The video:

While I found the beer to be fairly OK, Renee thought it was excellent, but would maybe stick to drinking just one, perhaps two, depending on the food or mood she is in. I'm OK with just one. I didn't wake up feeling like I had been around a camp fire, could be because I only had one. Everyone I've spoken with mentions the side effects of being smilar to those when one has been around a camp fire all night, and awakes feeling like ones lungs have caved in, I believe it is partly due to the amount consumed. Perhaps I need more testing.

Other than that I believe you all would appreciate the brew. It is quite unique, but I feel like I have had something similar back in Portland, I just can't remember which beer it was. I've been slowly taking notes and have begun to collect beer in our basement for future taste testing. I just need testers...anyone interested???

Unitl next time,



Jack Noodle said...

your fro is coming along nicely!


who knew watching people look words up in the dictionary could be so entertaining.