Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blaut Drachenblut

Hello Everybody...

I am glad to report that Rene's purse thieves have been caught and are now enjoying a nice time in a German prison... The purse still has yet to make it home. It was being held for finger-printing. We're not holding our breath.

Herzo Chruch Bells

I've been doing some recon and found out the history of our church bells, which were established sometime circa 1000 c.e. The way the story goes is...during WWI the German army needed iron to make cannons and went removing all the church bells from Bamberg to Herzo. The army removed the local church bells traveled them down to a dorf near Munich, but here's the rub, when the army arrived they realizied they didn't have enough coal to melt down the bells, so they ended up putting all the church bells in a cellar built into a hill and stayed there until after WW2. The clergy traveled down during the rebuilding of many of cities in Germany and searched for their church bells. To their discovery they found their bells and had them returned back to the city. So the bells you heard in the video are bells that are over 900 years old.


Here is the new beer review:

The Bier:

Zimbus' Drachenblut Das Ritterbier

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Josh Sohm said...

Do dragons really live in Germany?

Martin said...

of course they live in Germany, But the U.S. also has it's own dragons that live in tha caves of the Rocky Mountains. Their caves are filled with jewels and riches beyond your years young one.