Monday, August 10, 2009

Catch and Release

Hello all,

Sorry for such a long wait between posts, I am trying to recover from my sprained ankle. Last Monday I went on an EXTREME MOUNTAIN BIKE not really, went into the forest and the trails happen to have tree roots that stick out like knuckles from under the foliage and in all that jostling I re-injured my tendon. Thus, no real filming has taken place, I did try to record a "How to Cook" segment but in reviewing the footage, about half was not recorded. I don't know what went wrong, but I'll try again.

I am starting to look grizzly.
Lets take a vote: Shave or no shave.
Leave your vote in the comment area.

In other news:

Rene got her purse stolen this weekend in Nuerenbreg, I'm not even going to check the spelling of Neurenburg, Nyonburg, Nienberg, because I'm still a little upset. We were having a pleasant evening with Rene and her coworkers, sort of like a team building/birthday party/deciphering Brit talk gathering. When the time came to settle up, the purse was gone! No where to be seen. We all scrambled to look for the purse, we went outside, walked around the building, etc..., nothing.
A friend called the Popo and within five minutes, poof, they were writing down all our info and such. The Germ police were quite helpful, they let us know what usually happens when a purse is stolen. We were told that in the best case, the purse would be found with everything except any paper money, worst being, we wouldn't see the thing again, sounds about right.
We were in shock, particularly Rene, because she has never had a purse stolen, me on the other hand have had many of my favorite purses stolen, I sure miss my fuzzy teal one. But to have thievery in Germland! Where that sort of thing is verboten and would be seen as a cowardly act, ist nein, nein, nein.
On the plus side, I received a call yesterday that the purse had been recovered with all the important items, minus the money and best of all the Germ Police mailed to our house. The purse should arrive today or tomorrow. I thought that was way nice, plus it would save us a trip into Noberg the land of Thieves, just kidding I still like the place. I mean come on it was completely flattened during WW2 and rebuild. Walking around the Altstad and seeing where all the destruction once took place and seeing first hand the cobblestone streets and sandstone buildings that survived the bombing is impressive.

Now for some fun in Skypeland.
Sorry, no one was spared.

Mr. Noodle eating A's hand.

The real Hall and Oats, can you guess who's who?

Grosse Stilwell and Kleine Stilwell


The NoPo Connection

Can you hear me yet?

I know it's only been two months since we left but, seeing these pictures puts a tear in my bier

I have no idea how these pictures made into the blog.


Look at me back here, I'm John Oats.

Little Noodle

Big Noodle

More Noodles

Rene scaring Little Noodle

I know I forgot some peeps, Mrs. Stilwell lucked out and we have not skyped with the Shelton Duo, Clan Marcy, or B&C yet, but fear not there will be more to come.


Rosanne said...

Thank goodness you finally blogged! I was starting to go through withdrawal! I vote yes on the shave. I want to see your handsome face!

Ana said...

I vote for haircut but leave the beard. Short hair, big beard... it's hot!

Tracy said...

You are starting to look like Tom Hanks in Castaway....


no shave. but you know how I feel. ps. those are hummels and they're german! F U, I'm funny.

Kathleen said...

no shave says me (lynarra)
we are going to pdx this weekend, maybe we can get some skype action.
um - surely it wasn't a german that swiped rene's purse.

Josh Sohm said...

I think you should have shaved your legs months liberals.

Martin said...

I shaved my legs and glued the hairs to my face,cant you tell.