Sunday, August 2, 2009

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(To be read in a German accent..)

Hallo alle,

Guten Morgen, Guten Tag, und Guten Abend, depending on when you read this blog. Alles gut und we went out this weekend to two Festivals. One in Nuernberg and the other in our own little village. I have to say that all 25,000 people that lie in the village were out and about Sonntag. Both festivals were quite fun. The bigger festival was in Nuernberg called, Bardentreffen, which was unbelievable. I thought the SWMusic Festival in Austin was big, no way.
The bigger of the two festival was held in the Nuernberg Altstadt, or downtown Nuernberg. From what I've read and heard around here, the Altstadt was 90% destroyed during WW2 and 40,000 people survived the bombing raids because the city had underground tunnels and kellers(cellars) that housed beer. Thus, I've heard beer saved Nuernberg. I'm planning on visiting the museums and visit these underground tunnels in person. I'll make sure I have my camera like a good tourist.

Here you'll see some pictures of the Medieval Festival here in Herzo. We awoke fairly early and went to the village center and rubbed elbows with the natives...sort of. Quite enjoyable. You'll see in the video a picture of us having an espresso mit grappa and a hot chocolate. Also a treat, because as you've seen in other videos I've been drinking instant coffee which is good but not great.

Friday night while Renee was in Nuernberg with a coworker I got to take an hour and half bike ride through the forest to a Beer garden at a local dorf (smaller village). The mountain bike trails are awesome, I can't wait to take those of you who would like to go mountain biking through the trails. Oh yeah, don't bring yellow clothes, for some strange reason, that I haven't figure out the bugs around here are fond of the color yellow and will make close friends with anyone wearing the color. The farmers use these yellow pieces of plastic coverd with glue to attract bugs away from their berries. Anyway, remember no yellow. Plus you'll stand out as a foreigner.
Ok well here is some video footage of the Medieval festival. Oh yes, for those of you that like beer, I have aquired a most unique beer brewed from smoked hops from the city of Bamberg. I will be tasting this beer quite soon, in fact in a matter of hours now. I will post my results, until then keep on trucking.

Wir vermissen Dich,


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