Sunday, September 6, 2009

Who's this guy?

Hello Everybody,

Here's my new best friend, don't anyone get jealous. Actually, he'll be hanging out around the house for about a month and then he'll be leaving to visit my sister. I believe people know him as Stanley. He'll be going with us to the festival in Stuttgart and visiting Turkey for about a week, I hope he doesn't "thin" himself out from all the travels.

Here he is walking near the watch towers of Herzo. After this he got hungry and we stopped to have some ice cream, I guess he really likes ice cream because he had a triple scoop...crazy. So I'll keep you posted with his happenings. I think we might go bike riding tomorrow. We'll see it's been rainy, Stanley doesn't like to stand in the rain.
My newest baking's banna bread. Let's just say a little whiskey goes a long way.

Here are the new pictures from the Skype Chronicle.

Everything is going fine, we're starting to miss Portland, our famly, and friends now. As the weather changes and we head into a different season, which is new and unpredictable, it reminds us, or at least me, of how we are heading into the unknown of this new place and with this thought comes another thought...what the crap, we're in germany what do we do today and what of tomorrow and next year?
'Til next time...


Rosanne said...

Loved this blog complete with new friend, Stanley, and friends you took pictures of on Skype. If it makes you feel any better, it's raining hard here in Sunny Sequim too.....just the kind of day when I feel like eating some of that delicious looking banana bread you made.

Amy said...

We miss you guys too! Just enjoy your adventure, and hopefully we'll be joining you soon. I did look into some nursing jobs in Germany, but silly Phil wants to finish his degree. The banana bread looks awesome. You should post the recipe.

Martin said...

I'll post the recipe soon. I have to make another banana bread to make sure it wasn't a fluke.