Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Walking around Herzo

Hello Everybody,

We didn’t do much this weekend. Lazy bones times two I would say. Saturday morning we woke up fairly early, because Tim (the drummer I met a while back) offered to take us to one of the biggest music stores in Southern Germany.

The place was enormous. While it had everything a guitarist could be looking for, it didn’t fair that bad in the drum department either, although it was the smallest section in the store, relatively speaking. I had not been in a music store since I left Portland and this store had some nice drums, even Rene liked the cymbals. It made me have high hopes for my interview in October. Oh yes, I have a job interview early October. Let us all hope it goes well, because I wouldn’t mind paying off some of my student loan and of course buying some German engineered drums.

In the evening we did have some wonderful ice cream. There are several ice cream/coffee houses owned by Italians here in Herzo. Come to think of it … there is a section of the main strip that is heavily populated by Italianesque restaurants. Anyway the ice cream is great, it’s gelato style and they offer one of my favorite combinations of Rum Raisin ice cream. Rene happens to like the Hazelnut and Chocolate combo, not so much for me, it’s good but I like rum raisin the best.

Sunday was the same. Renee has been busy, she has a presentation today that she has been preparing for all weekend. She’ll practice in front of me once in a while and ask me for input. I’d tell you all what it is about, but then I’d have to track you down and erase your memories and that sounds like a bunch of work for me, so all I will say, it is top secret shoe stuff.

On other news, I will be starting another blog dedicated to just beer. I should have it up and running soon. Once I do, I will link it to this blog. Tim convinced me I should write about the different beers that are here in Germany and try to describe them in my silly ways. I’ll have to keep up my bike riding to counter act the beer, I don’t want to grow a beer belly. I was thinking I could do the beer sampling like wine tasting. Take a sip for the initial attack of the beer and then spit it out, then take another sip to describe the complexity of the beer and then spit it out. Then another sip…you get the picture. We’ll see I’ll have to develop some kind of new beer testing technique. Better than the previous one I have in the earlier segment of this blog.

I guess that’s all for now folks. I leave you with some pictures of us walking around Herzo.

until next thyme,



Trying something new with the photo display. Let me know if you think it stinks.

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