Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello Everybody,

Herzo Sunday Morning

We went to Neurnburg this weekend and ran into Alister, a friend from our language class. Being a Brit, he and wife invited us to have, as they pointed out, a proper cup of tea, not being a big tea fan, I found the tea to be quite good, with the right balance of milk. Well after much hubbub, we ended up spending all afternoon walking around the city with Alister and a couple of his friends and some local Germans, can you believe it, oh yes, and Stanley.
Stanley had a great time, talking about how impressive the city was, particularly after he learned it was completely rebuilt after WW2, I guess Stanley forgot to read his history, but I explained to him that the city was about 80% destroyed in 1944, minus the Churches and the old Castle, but much of the old city was gone and rebuilt. How the underground tunnels, used for storage, saved the people of the city.
After learning about the tunnels, some how Stanley managed to rope me into arranging a tour into these tunnels with the new people I'd just met. So, now I have to get orginaized and arrange an English language tour...Stanley... the guys here a week and he's got me talking to strangers about how we should all visit the tunnels.
But everything went well and I now have to figure out all the logistics of this outing.
Anyway, here's Stanley having a merry time.

The Food:
Yesterday I went shopping and saw something I tend to overlook back home, fresh figs, and inexpensive figs, even better. I had to buy some, immediately my mind went to work. What do I make with these feash figs? What else, but a nice fig and port compote/sauce or some other fancy word for sauce, that I can't remember at the moment.
I also purchased a turkey leg about as big as my arm. This turkey must have been atleast two feet tall. Stuffed that guy with garlic and coved it withsalt and pepper then into the oven it went as I began the Fig sauce thing.
The port, nothing too expensive.

getting my mixin' on...
The figs a cookin'...

and bread bought at the Italian store....sehr gut.

Here is a collage of the process. I think if you click on the picture it should expand.

Missing everyone,
P.S. First day of school, wish I was there.


Ana said...

Damn that looks good! If you still lived down the street I would invite myself over for leftovers! We were given tons of figs this summer and I made jam, next time we'll have to make some fancy compote sauce like you.

Betty Edwards said...

yummy foods!! And Stanley looks like he knows how to have a good time :) We love looking at your blog, great photos-
Chris and I miss you guys a ton, it's not the same without you!

Rosanne said...

I think Stanley's visit could be a very good thing. Enjoyed the mini history lesson. Enjoyed the blog!

Barbara said...

Thanks for showing Stanley around.. love all the pictures!!


we're going to get food like this when we visit! right!!!!

Martin said...

You will all eat like kings!!!

Martin said...

and Queens