Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Hello Everybody,

Well we’ve had a busy weekend – me with recording and L with going away parties. It all kicked off Thursday night with setting my equipment in the studio and L out and about with the locals. 

Friday night was a bit more involved,  I started to record with the band proper and L had to go to a burger night without me - well at least until I finished recording for the evening. Friday began at 10 am for me and I wasn’t done recording until eleven hours later but all my tracking was done. Twelve songs back to back. I’ve never done that much recording in one day – it was great and exhausting. L’s Friday began with work and then she met a friend before heading off to Big Birds for burgers and a small farewell ado for Harvey aka Yoda-san.  When I showed up at 11pm everyone had a wide grin three shades deep in mischief.  Wagyu burgers and wine until 2am in the morning was a bit hard on both of us.

Here is one of the songs we worked on and some pictures I took of my new bass drum in the studio. I was super happy with the bass drum I built…I wasn’t sure it would sound good. But here it is al’ natural with no extra mix magic on it.

rough mix of track 5

Saturday – I woke up and headed to the studio around 9:30 and L sat on the front porch reading until about 7pm when she left to go to another farewell party for James and Sara at Herzo’s Italy/golf restaurant. I felt a bit guilty for not being there with her since many of the people that attended the party were golfing “experts” – plus the place was showing the Bayern vs. Chelsea futball game.  I think that part of the evening was exciting for L, because when I arrived at 10pm the game went into penalty points and L wanted to see the results, plus it was cool to watch one last big soccer game with the locals before heading back to the states.

Sunday – today we rest well until later this evening - L is reading and I am doing absolutely nothing, but we do have another round of farewells with Harvey this evening.  So that should be fun and headache inducing tomorrow morning.  Below you’ll see what L and I were doing this morning and you can hear another rough mix of a song.

rough mix of track 10



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Anonymous said...

Hope you'll bring home some extra copies of your music recording, Martin. It's sounds great!