Wednesday, May 23, 2012

L’s Birthday, Somontano and Phase II

Hello Everybody!

Yes, it was L’s b – day yesterday, we celebrated with a nice meal and some treats that I baked for her.  Below is a picture of her with her cards and treats.


And of course she turned 29 again, I told her Picasso says, ‘It takes a long time to grow young.’  She was quite happy with her peanut butter, melted caramel and chocolate cupcakes. Plus I gave her some flowers at the beginning of the week to kick-off her birthday week proper. Yup, birthday week – that’s how we roll in these parts.  Anyway, the flowers I gave her were much pretty than the ones she got from work.  We had to save my flowers just for L’s eyes because they would have destroyed  my camera with their awesomeness.   Then we rested for the evening by opening a bottle of this new wine ordered from Spain.


Which brings me to my next topic…wine!  We ordered some Spanish wine from the Somontano/Aragon wine region. 

During our trip to Spain with the Prumleys we stopped in the town of Barbastro to check out the wines.  As I’ve recently learned the wines or rather the grape vines in the East region of Barbastro date back to the 2nd century Roman time era.  They have four local red grape varieties: Tempranillo, Moristel, Parraleta, and Granacha tinta and they tend to make blends with ‘foreign"’ grapes such as Syrah, Cab-Sav, Merlot and Pinot Noir.  Plus, I learned that the word Crianza means the wine has been aged in oak barrels for at least one year, then you have Reserva and Gran Reserva.  So much to learn and so little time left here in Germland. Just wish I’d gone to Northern Spain more often, oh well it is what it is.  I will be sending home some of these bottles (yes full) and maybe even a few more if I can.



Phase II


I started working on my drums again. I’ve had to wait four months for my hoops, but I can no longer wait – moving day quickly approaches…I’m told the hoops may arrive this week – we’ll see.


Regardless, I’ve measured and prepared the drums for drilling. I’ll be assembling the rest of the hardware and buffing the wood until it sings or at least until I receive my hoops. The drum dudes have until the 1st of June and then I’ll start freaking out.  My freak outs are not pretty…few of you have seen it…not pretty at all.  You’ve been warned drum doodues.


well until next time,



p.s. L is at a work convention and won’t return until Thursday evening. So her b-day week has been extended to make up for these two days – but don’t tell her that.

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