Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Italy: Part 2 - Bardolino


After a long night of playing cards and wine drinking, we left early morning from Vipiteno and headed for Bardolino. 


Bardolino near Lake Garda in Italy, was once famous for it’s wine, also named Bardolino, but when demand declined so did the quality.  From what I hear from the locals, in true Italian fashion, one can only get the best Bardolino in Bardolino.  I would later hear such statements about food and wine from the locals in Bologna.  I wish I could say I tried some of the wine, I never really got a chance and besides we had started our hunt for gelato.  Wine would come later.

originalI did not take this picture.  

This was our second tasting of gelato in Italy, the first one being in Vipiteno, which was also good, but the gelato near Lake Garda was something else, after tasting this gelato it became our mission to try as many gelato shops along our way to Bologna. I’ll come back to this gelato in a later post, when I post our gelato champion.


The town of Bardolino was the  main headquarters of various invading armies and people in Garda - the Lombards, Franks, Goths and others, it eventually came under the control of the Venetians and Scaligers.  The city is said to be named after a Lombard princess, although I don’t know if this is completely true. Bardolino is also near Verona, where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was set.


Speaking of Juliet, here’s my Juliet now. After arriving in Bardolino, searching for parking and getting out maps in place, we walked along Lake Garda.  Lake Garda was bigger than I had thought and L kept daring me to jump in.


After our walk, we headed back to the city for a quick bite. Which, you guessed it, I forgot to take pictures of.  We had some quick pizza from a local hole in wall. Well it really wasn’t pizza, more like foccacia(spelling?) bread smothered with a red sauce and cheesy yum-yum and mushrooms as a topping, or as our waiter had said in Vipiteno, you canna put da capers upstairs.  Which I'm going to steal and use when I order toppings back home.




We had our fill of food and headed out of Bardolino quite happy.  Little did we know, but we were about to head right into the biggest Stau ever.

Next: Bologna.

Hugs and kisses,


and the Yazzos

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Lindsay said...

The 1st night in Vipiteno/Sterzing also was the night of Lianne's invention of "Reality" Poker. Let's just say, dont ever let Lianne get out first again.... :)