Saturday, September 11, 2010

Emilia, we’ll see you soon.

Hello everybody,

IMG_0811picture from: Greedy Diva 

Just a quick hello to let everyone know we’re leaving to Bologna, Italy for a week with the Yazzos. That’s right, little Mitchell and her husband are visiting for two weeks.  In fact, I’ll be leaving, as soon as I’ve finished typing this doodle, to pick them up from the airport.

So I’ll be collecting pictures and going old school, by actually keeping a travel journal and then I’ll post it here. Be patient.

We’re quite excited to be having visitors, the Yazzos and then later T’Mitchell will be having an extended stay in December or at least that’s what I’m hearing. fun times will be had. OK I’ll doodle later.



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Tracy said...

Enjoy your culinary tour with the Yazzos- you guys are going to have so much fun. This blog comment is my official notification of my December/January Herzo trip...Dec 12- Jan 8 :)