Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hello everybody,

Yesterday was quite the day. I locked us out of the house and wouldn’t you know it all our neighbors came to take a look at the silly Americans.  After we called our landlord, who said, “I gave you all my copies and said sorry” and then contemplated calling a Schlüsseldienz (locksmith), we were told by all our neighbors not to worry and that they would get us into our house.

After much debate and sizing up of our window, our neighbors Jacob and Hans got to work and sure enough they got the window open.  Well our street event was quite the ice breaker, because after dinner three of the older couples who live on our street invited L and I to have beers and to learn to talk more Franconian, the local German dialect. They we’re really nice.

L had recorded me after my freak out, when I realized I locked us out of the the house, but unfortunately I have to fix the video because someone held the camera wrong…heehee.

Well here’s another video.













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