Monday, August 23, 2010

How to 101

Hello everybody,

Thought I’d share what Jean-Luc and I are up to in the mornings and since my back is getting better, I thought I’d get back to doodling more and make those talkies people like to watch.  While the video to follow is of the utmost instructional merit, I do expect it to be taken serious and notes must be taken, that means you Dr. E.

+++ Oh yes, there is a correction for those of you taking notes, it’s espresso…not coffee.  I kept saying coffee when really what was meant to be said was, “espresso.”  That is why it looks like I’m preparing a batch for ten people. Hence, I like my espresso strong. It must be corrected.




Happy Birthday Barbs


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Barbara said...

I remember that picture!! Awww... thanks! Love you!