Thursday, April 15, 2010

We have returned!!!

pan lyon Lyon, France

Hello everybody

As stated above, we have returned from our holiday. It was wonderful, L could hardly contain her happiness. I have not figured out how to write about Lyon, I think I have an approach which may work to distill our trip into manageable chunks. So over the next few posts I’ll be writing about our trip in themes with accompanying variations.

This post will just include a few pictures, I took 623 pictures and two videos, soooo I have to edit before I can share. I’ve done the preliminary edits, I now have to pick what will be making it to the blog.

So here’s a quick sample of pictures.


This was our first walk about Lyon. We were getting to know each other. A sort of, Hello Lyon we’re Americans living in Germany visiting you, don’t you feel special we’ve traveled many many many miles to see you, plus we own a French cat.

Once we said Jean-Luc was French, the doors of Lyon were open and the harps starting playing and then Jean-Luc’s distant cousin came out to say, Bonjour, I’m am Celestine you may travel the streets freely, go with god, but remember we make the best of everything, Le vin (wine), le fromage (cheese), la nourriture (food), le peuple (people)…everything.


With that in our minds, we traveled on…



As we got more and more entranced by the sights and sounds of Lyon, this would be the last time we took a short walk, as days went by, Lyon’s boroughs sang out their siren songs luring us into their microcosms, causing us to forget pain, forget our weak bodies and walk for hours and hours searching for the new taste…

IMG_4113 And we walked…


And we walked…


And when we awoke each morning we were reminded of our limitations, of our frail bodies and then we cursed the gods, asking, why have you made us like this…weak for food and drink. But somehow, each morning we managed to fight through our own demons, yes our own demons, because we both had our own set of self-flogging standards that propelled us to walk further, taste further, and drink further…or something like that.


That first night we slept like babies unaware of the powers of Lyon.

Ok then until next time, we miss you all!!!



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