Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It’s Official


After four weeks of vigorous mental reprogramming, we can say without a doubt how much we loved preparing for our drivers test. Yay !!! Now we’re allowed to drive where the streets have no name.

What’s weird is that they had our licenses ready and waiting for us at the TUV. Meaning the driving center was waiting for us to pass the test and L’s co-worker, whom never passed the test and gave up, probably has a license still waiting for him after three years. It’s all a scam…really.

We can officially take visitors for rides, so hurry up and visit, it’s almost six month since we arrived here.



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Chris Rahn said...

Congrats! Does that mean it's time to hit the Autobahn?

Barbara said...

Hooray! Congratulations!!! I'll see you next summer :)

Tracy said...

Congratulations, you guys studied SO much. Nice plug on the visitors...like you haven't been driving anyways!

Tracy said...

PS- I met a bunch of Brits in Vegas and we talked about Come Dine With Me- hilarious!!

Josh Sohm said...

You should do a finger warmer informercial.