Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being Extrodinarly Lazy

Hello Everybody,

As some of you may know, L has been in China for the last week and will return this coming Sunday, leaving me with my own vices, contraptions and the locals for the last two weeks. Yup I’ve been swimming on my own in the deep end, but not with out arm floaties.

I’ve been out to the school several times to teach. The school has also started the paper work for my work permit…so, it shouldn’t be too long before I can start to actually work at the Gymnasium.

I also experienced my first German lunch with my new friend, Herr Muller (with an umlaut on top of the ‘u’)and his family, he is also a teacher at the Gymnasium. Two of his children attend the Gymnasium as well, by the way is anyone interested in taking on a German exchange student. I met with him and his family for Sunday lunch, I also met his mother-in-law, she was amazing. About 5’4 with 90 years of living under her belt and full of spit. I found out she has lived her entire life near Herzo in a town called, Erlangen. If some of you remember Erlangen was one the cities we were hoping to live in, but never found a place.

We ate lamb, potato rounds, celery root/arugula salad and ice cream with plums for dessert. Followed by two hours of long discourse with the grandma about Erlangen and how much Germany has changed through out her life time. It was a good afternoon.

I also visited the German rally grounds which I have pictures of and will be dedicating my next blog to the visit.

So that’s all for now and L says hi from China. Jean- Luc also says

Quelle merde
Pourquoi ma litière sale

and wishes he were in his home land of France. Jean Luc is so French.

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