Sunday, October 18, 2009

Turkey: Oludeniz

Before I can write about Istanbul I have to write about the beach and as you can see this coast line is beautiful.

Oludeniz is located no where near Istanbul, in fact it is quite south of Istanbul. (

We arrived to Dalaman,Turkey and then took an hour drive to the coast by taxi.  We arrived late at night and tucked in.  The following morning we awoke to 84 degree weather and headed straight to the beach.

Here you can see L testing the waters. 


Our days consisted of waking up by 8am, having breakfast, heading to the coast, which was a 2 minute walk from our hotel and then sun bathing and beach swimming until about 5pm.  L, accidently pulled a tourist move, she sun bathed a little too long and turned herself into a bright red lobster, but that didn’t stop her because we were out the following day and the day after that, and the day after that.


Action shot of yours truly, L and I enjoyed swimming and I spent an entire afternoon snorkeling with the fish, which I have to say are quite friendly.  A couple of times the fish would come right up to my hand. 


Team Mitchell getting ready for the sunset and a couple of brews. Don’t worry I refrained from getting the drunken Mitchell Award…this time around.


The one and only local brewery in all of Turkey, “EFES” was the only local beer I could find, much different if one is coming from Germany and anywhere else where beer is enjoyed and adored. I did look for other beers in the local grocery store and mini mart, but I didn’t find any.  Must be because of their large Muslim population, but I didn’t really know, just a guess.


The Touring Castichells


The next morning we went to a private beach, which was much better than the public beach.  Less people and no one selling you something. The phrase of the trip for us was “YES PLEASE!”  Because anytime we were approached by a vendor it was their closing phrase, after they shoved their merchandise in your face, it was quickly followed by them saying, yes please.  But it really wasn’t that bad, just funny, yes please.


Here we have Stanley…


cold chillin’


In the evening we head back to where the action was.  First, we’d go back to the hotel, shower and then head to the grocery to get some goodies for “ReD bEEr.”  The ladies were thrilled to find the right tomato juice for their red beers.  It was red beer, peanuts, and Turkish delights,  followed by the paragliders coming in for the evening, followed by the sunset.


This guy here nearly landed on the ladies, quite scary.  He nearly took out my teeth.  The picture is right before he turned around and came in for a landing on top of us.


These mosquito like objects in this picture are the paragliders.


The landings were so great to watch, we believe that the paragliders in this picture were a group of Swiss.  They did some amazing tricks while in the sky and some of them crashed into the trees.  Which was always laughed at by their fellow countrymen.


The sunset, some red beer and sun burns.

DSCN0320 DSCN0370 DSCN0375


T, getting the royal treatment back at the hotel, by our host Moostie.  Moostie really had an eye on T.  A pair made in Turkey. AHHH


The next morning we woke up at 7am and headed for the airport and off we to Istanbul.




Stay tuned for more,



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Ana said...

I love the private beach photo with the green hills in the background. Beautiful! I'm jealous!!!