Friday, November 4, 2011

what the? where did october go and hallows eve?

Hi Everybody,

I realized this morning, as I was brushing last nights broccoli out of my teeth – I forgot to blog in October. While the U.S. is doing the OctoberBeerFest stuff during the month of October, here in Germany people have moved on, thus all October I sat on my porch, Stein in one hand and a Mos in the other, waiting for Oktober fest to pass by the house -  forgetting that Germans have their Oktoberfest in September – can you see why I get confused and forget what month it is.

Continuing – everything is moving like salmon on a mating run. Turkey day is around the corner and L will be off on one of her yearly China trips.  So November is also starting to get away from me as well – thus eyes got to blog.

Firstly and similar to last year - I ordered drum shells (African rosewood, I know save your complaining for the monkeys in the forest) and will be building a complete drum set this time around…wish me luck.

I really have gotten into trail riding and I think I scared my friends The Prumleys, because when they got one look at my MTB get –up,I could see they thought I had entered a spandex vortex – I  figured while here in Germany, where no one really knows me, why not go (b)all(s) out. See below.

dork in funny clothes – spandex coved of course - no one wants to see me in tight shorts it’s gross…reallyImage026

Even though these guys are gung-ho about MTB-ing, they still have trouble mounting the bikes to the van.



The MTB Club Minus 2



I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked and this trip is also around the end of fall, maybe a month ago, early October.


We had a week of crazy warm weather and of course we had to take advantage of our good fortune. Now the weather has turned to foggy cloudy days at about a steady 34 degrees.



Getting lost, the french dude really liked getting us lost, though he had a GPS attached to his bike, he still managed to pick the wrong path…hehehe.



This was a really nice single trail path that went along this huge rock wall.


Back into the forest getting lost.


And FIN. Greeny is still doing good although sometimes she still kicks me off when we’re not getting along. Don’t worry Lianner, no need to get jealous.


well that’s all for now. I’ll post pictures of my drum building project as I get closer to finishing.



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