Friday, February 19, 2010

Trapped in the land of HausMusik

Hello everybody,

Click on the play button before you begin reading to get the full impact of this read.

For the last week I’ve been playing this song in my head over and over and over. I’m starting to believe it’s because German clubbers have been sneaking into our house in the evening and slowly reprogramming me in my sleep.

Every morning it’s boom,boom, boom, boomboomboom, boom, boom in my head. I no longer have a missile in my head, but a constant dance party. I strongly believe David Guetta and Akon, have put subliminal messages into their song ala’ little mustache guy and then given it to the German youth to take over the world.

And I guessed heck, why not share this song with all my friends…you see what I mean, I can’t even stop myself as I write this…reprogrammed…help! Germans love this song and I believe people back home also love this song, because I remember hearing it during our visit.

Germany to my ears...

You walk down to the store and it’s boom, boom, boom,

You walk down to the bank and it’s boom, boom, boom.

I walk with L to work and it’s boom, boom, boom.

By the way this is the clean version of the song.

Miss ya,


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Tracy said...

That is hilarious, this song was playing as I read through the France wine tasting- gave it a whole new tone. They play that song here a lot too, radio stations love it. Thanks it is now in my head :) MISS YOU GUYS